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The Foundation of our Bond:
Trust & Transparency

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AIX Bond

The Foundation of the Bond instrument we have structured for our clients: Trust & Transparency.

Our proven track record allows us to offer investors fixed returns via AIX BOND, while assuming all of the risk ourselves helping them invest in a safe way. Fixed-income BONDS provide steady interest income to our investors throughout the life of the bond and they also help reduce the overall risk in an investment portfolio.

  • Safety – Principal Protection
    Investors benefit by preserving their invested capital, enabled via the buyback guarantee of the BOND.
  • Low Market Volatility
    Bonds carry very low volatility as compared to equity or mutual fund and other comparable investments.
  • Portfolio Diversification
    BONDS enable efficient portfolio diversification and thus assist in portfolio risk-mitigation.
  • Regular Income Stream
    Fixed-income BONDS provide investors with a steady stream of income, allowing them to enjoy streamlined cashflow.
  • Transparent
    Being a publicly listed BOND, Investors get access to NAV reports and audited financials allowing them to be fully informed.
  • Global Advantage
    Being a listed financial security with its own ISIN number allows access to the BOND subscription globally.

Our AIX BOND is an interest bearing security that obligates the Issuer to pay the Investor (Bondholder) a fixed coupon at pre-agreed and pre-determined dates and to also repay the principal amount of the loan (subscription amount) at maturity.

Each investor receives their secured coupon payouts every quarter directly from the Payment agent and as well receive the subscription amount back at maturity from the Issuer – providing them with security, even in a highly volatile market.

AIX BOND is publicly listed on the Wiener Börse AG (Vienna Stock Exchange) under the ISIN code CH1217701429 and on the Bloomberg terminal under the Bloomberg ID BZ8115843.

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Meeting or Zoom meeting to discuss in detail about all features of the Bond, subscription process, payout process and buyback process at maturity.


Investor have to initiate the Bond’s subscription via his/her bank using the ISIN number and bond prospectus provided by AIX, with assistance from AIX Advisors.


Quarterly returns of 4.5% paid out periodically by the payment/clearing agent – Kaiser Partners Privatbank AG, Liechtenstein.


Quarterly NAV Reports are sent periodically in addition to the Annually audited financial reports as well sent on an Annual basis.


Bond Redemption at 100% of its par value by AIX, at the end of the subscription tenure/bond maturity period of 36 months.

Disclaimer: AIX (Series 2022-014) Loan Participation Notes due 2025 SP 1 (AIX BOND), is a fixed income instrument and an international security under the ISIN code CH1217701429 and is further publicly listed on the Wiener Börse AG (Vienna Stock Exchange) and on the Bloomberg terminal under the Bloomberg ID BZ8115843.